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Our Team

Hugo Hill, Managing Director

Hugo has a over 10 years experience in the insurance industry and began his
career in the insurance market in London with a top 3 international broker.

In 2014, Hugo transferred from London to South Africa as a specialist Client Advocate for Africa. In a broader role, Hugo helped build out a greater presence
in Sub-Saharan Africa with a focus on special risk business (Oil And
Gas/Power/Heavy Industry/Aviation/Construction).

Hugo has been based in Africa since 2014 and in 2017 founded TRM in South Africa which would pave the way for TRM’s pan African footprint.

Today, TRM’s client base includes oil and gas exploration companies, state power generation utilities and multi-national conglomerates. TRM handle more than USD100m of Gross Premium across the continent.

Hugo serves as Managing Director of TRM.

Get in touch: hugo@trm.co.za

James Hill, Chief Operating Officer

James has over 15 years experience working in the (re)insurance industry.

During his career James has held senior management positions in both Broking and Underwriting capacities in London, Singapore and South Africa.

James started his career in 2005 working for a top 3 international broker in London broking upstream Oil & Gas business from the Middle East & Africa region.

In 2011 James relocated to Singapore leading a team of brokers who specialised in Terrorism and Political Violence insurance solutions.

James joined Underwriting firm Ironshore International in 2015 as Regional Underwriting Manager for Asia Pacific and left in 2018 after the sale of the business to Liberty Mutual.

James relocated to South Africa in 2018 and is the co-founder of TRM and currently serves as their Chief Operating Officer.

Get in touch: james@trm.co.za