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Our Services

Pan-Africa Insurance/Risk Management Consulting

Advising our clients on their insurance and reinsurance requirements, ensuring that they understand the likelihood and potential severity of the risk they face, the options available to mitigate these risks and the potential costs involved.

Brokerage and Placement

Acting on our client’s behalf, and in partnership with our local and international partners we are able to provide Insurance and Re-Insurance solutions, Pan-Africa

Specialist Insurance Products

Working in tandem with our International partners, providing our clients with
access to certain exclusive insurance facilities, binders and other products

  • Designing, placing and servicing for local and Pan-African corporations
  • Determining optimum programme structure and levels of self insurance
  • Drafting and reviewing policy wordings – we offer comparisons with existing wordings and can produce bespoke wordings, being mindful of technological trends and demands of corporate governance
  • Benchmarking premium and cover against peer companies
  • Driving change and product innovation in the market place
  • Offering unrivaled claims service to ensure prompt and satisfactory settlements